Terms and conditions

Thank you for visiting our website www.babyrental.bg 

Please make sure you carefully read the Terms and Conditions on this page, since any use of this website means you agree to the Terms and Conditions presented here. 

1. Definitions and Law 
The terms “babyrental”, ‘’we’’ and ‘’our’’ refer to BABYRENTAL- Alias Bo LTD (legal name), and are used in the most suitable manner depending on the context. The ‘’Customer’’, ‘’you’’ and ‘’your’’ refer to any person, company or public authority who accesses and/or uses this website. The Terms and Conditions in the Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Republic of Bulgaria. 

2. Signing a contract 
We – babyrental (Alias Bo LTD) - rent and sell the equipment available at www.babyrental.bg. The Customer rent or buy our products. In order to sign a contract the Customer submit on their own will their personal data such as names, address, e-mail, phone number etc. The Contract between babyrental and the Customer shall enter into force when, after formalizing your order on the website and consequently accepting these Terms and Conditions, you receive an order confirmation email with all the details of the order. 

3. Content information 
www.babyrental.bg is intended for private use only. It is forbidden to reproduce, transfer, distribute or store the contents of www.babyrental.bg for purposes other than strictly personal use without prior written consent. Babyrental reserves the right to modify at any time the commercial information and offer presented on: equipment, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services. We make every effort to ensure that the information provided does not have any typographical errors and, whenever they do occur, we will proceed with correcting them as soon as possible. In case the information provided do not match the characteristics of the equipment, the Customer has the right to terminate the agreement under the applicable legal provisions. Equipment specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

4. Ordering online 
To rent and/ or purchase via www.babyrental.bg, you need to write down your personal details or register as a Customer by completing the online form or send us your request to our e-mail: info@babyrental.bg. Once registered, simply add all the items that you wish to purchase to the virtual shopping cart. You must follow all the steps to successfully complete the order. Validating the rent and/ or purchase order suggests that the Customer read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of www.babyrental.bg. The data recorded by babyrental is evidence of all transactions carried out between babyrental and the Customer. Babyrental is responsible for archiving the electronic document which formalizes the agreement, as well as keeping it accessible. Once the Customer completes the order, an e-mail will be sent confirming the transaction. If the data in the email is not correct, you can promptly request to change it or even cancel the order. 

5. Availability of equipment 
In order to guarantee availability of our products, please check the calendar of the item you wish to rent and/ or buy before you finalized your order and the beginning of the payment process. The reservation must be concluded until 5 (five) workdays before the first date of rental. For needs of starting date with a deadline shorter than 5 (five) days you should contact babyrental via e-mail (info@babyrental.bg) or by phone to request this service. Please note that in some cases there is a last minute additional fee 10 € (ten euro). 

6. Prices 
The prices indicated on www.babyrental.bg are in Bulgarian leva and in euros (€) and include VAT at the current rate. At the moment of formalizing the order, the payment of the full cost of the equipment is payable to Alias Bo LTD (babyrental) by the Customer. It includes the total amount for the hired and/ or purchased product/s , delivery and collection fee and the security deposit for the rent. If there are specific circumstances, after agreement between both sides, an additional payment can be made after. The prices shown are valid for the geographic coverage area of babyrental: Republic of Bulgaria. Prices shown on the website apply to all orders completed with the minimum of 5 (five) days to rental start date. On the pages displaying the equipment, prices are shown for rental periods of 3 days, 4-8 days, 9-15 days, 16-21 days, 22 -31 days. Minimum period for product rent is 3 days. For any other rental period different from the ones presented, please contact babyrental via e-mail (info@babyrental.bg) or by phone to request this service. For any equipment that you are searching for and does not appear on our website, please contact us via e-mail or by phone. 

7. Payment methods 
Your order can be paid via: 

Payments via PayPal are quickly and safely carried out using your credit or debit card. You can make payments via PayPal even if you do not have an account, only your information is required. When choosing the payment method via PayPal, the customer will be redirected to the secure payment website. If you are already a Customer, you can enter your account data and proceed with payment. If you are not a PayPal Customer yet, the data will be required to pay for the order. If you choose the payment method via PayPal, an extra fee 1,99 € apply. 

Credit/ Debit card 
Payments via credit/ debit card are safely carried out. When choosing this payment method, you will be redirected to the secure payment website, where you will use you credit/ debit card provided with the card verification code. If you choose the payment method via credit/debit card, an extra fee 1,99 € apply. 

Cash on Delivery

You pay to the delivery man, when you recieve all the rented items. Please note that the deposit will be returned to your PayPal account!

8. Security Deposit 
As a guarantee for the rented product/s, the Customer pays a security deposit when formalizing the order. The amount of the security deposit will be refunded to you via bank transfer or other payment method, after examination and verification of the good condition of the rented product. 

*Bank transfer fee is payable by the client, when the account is in different currency that BGN!

9. Loss, Damages, Non- Return or Late return 
The Customer accepts full responsibility for taking care of, keeping from loss, theft and returning the equipment in good condition during the agreed rental period. The Customer will be charged with the costs resulting from loss or damages that the equipment has undergone during the agreement period. If the value of damages exceed the Security deposit, the Customer should pay the rest of the total amount of repairs or the fair market value of the item/s to babyrental (Alias Bo LTD). If the equipment is not returned in the same good condition as received, we reserve the right to charge the Customer for all cleaning costs up to and including the replacement price of the equipment plus the reasonable cost of lost hires while the item is unavailable. If the equipment is returned to babyrental with delay or not returned at all due to the Customer's fault, after the delivery date set in the order, we reserve the right to withhold the Security Deposit and charge additional amounts we deem reasonable until the equipment is returned. Also we reserve the right to refer prosecution if the product/s are not returned. If the rented product has a defect or is damaged (by not your fault), you should report this situation to us via e-mail (info@babyrental.bg) or by phone. 

10. Equipment maintenance 
The Customer should check the good condition of the equipment as soon as it is received and to sign the acceptance protocol. If the acceptance protocol is signed without any notice, so we acknowledge that the rented and/ or purchased product is the same as in the order and is in a perfect condition. The Customer must ensure that it maintains the same conditions of usability, cleanliness and safety. Any anomaly should be immediately reported to babyrental. The Customer should not attempt to repair the equipment under any circumstances. 

11. Delivery and pick up 
The delivery and pick up of the order are set when formalizing the order on the website. Any need to change delivery dates and/or locations by the Customer or you must notify us via e-mail (info@babyrental.bg) at least 72 hours in advance and is subject to the agreement of both parties. The Customer is liable for specifying the delivery and pick up addresses with the utmost accuracy at the time of formalizing the order. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that on the agreed date someone will be available to receive the product/s. If this person is not found at the delivery address, a new attempt will be made after contacting the customer to set a new delivery time. For each unsuccessful delivery attempt, the customer will be charged an extra amount according to the delivery company fee. We do not deliver on Sundays and National Holidays. If the delivery address is that of a hotel and the Customer is not present at the time of delivery, the Customer should inform the hotel that he/ she is expecting an order from Babyrental.bg (Alias Bo LTD).

Delivery fee depends on the city where the product will be recieved. The shipping fee can be exceed, if there are more than one large item rented (For example: a stroller and a car seat). The extra charge will be kept from the deposit, after prior agreement with the client! 

12. Responsibilities 
Babyrental will take all reasonable care to have the equipment available on the agreed dates but will not be responsible for any losses or consequential losses if the Equipment is not available on the agreed dates as a result of force majeure circumstances. Babyrental accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property or injury or death to person(s) in any form. Equipment is hired and used at the Customer’s own risk. All of our items are inspected carefully after every rental, cleaned and sanitized properly. Babyrental provide car seats for rent appropriate for your child's height and weight. At this time we are not certified to install car seats, however we will provide the manufacturer`s instructions with each car seat and we recommend you follow the instructions described there. We will not be liable for any damage or injury to persons or property that may arise from the incorrect fitting of the car seat by the Customer. 

The Customer may not alter or modify the equipment in any way. The Customer does not have the right to rehire, sublet or loan the equipment to anyone. The Customer should check at the time of delivery that the equipment is the same as ordered and is in good condition. Carefully reading the instructions accompanying the equipment before use and following the manufacturer`s directions throughout the period of use. Ensuring that the equipment is safely and wisely used only for the intended purpose and in accordance with the instructions enclosed. Being present and supervising the children using the equipment. Ensuring that the equipment is returned in a condition that is consistent with the fulfilment of his/ her obligations as a Customer. In addition, the Customer is responsible for the use of the equipment in their possession, as well as for any damage that may be eventually caused. The Customer will be charged with all costs associated with this damage. 

13. Cancellation and extensions 
Babyrental reserves the right to cancel the agreement with the Customer at any time prior to delivery, if: It is not possible to deliver the equipment at the address stated by the Customer. After being notified via email by Babyrental that the agreement was cancelled, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, any amount debited to the account of babyrental will be returned via bank transfer without any charge to the Customer. 

The Customer may cancel the agreement with babyrental up to 72 hours prior to the delivery date and any amount debited to the account of babyrental will be returned via bank transfer. The administration charges will be collected from Customer. If the cancellation is made later than 72 hours, 50% from the total amount will be charged. Partial cancellations are subject to the same terms as full cancellations. All cancellations must be received via e-mail (info@babyrental.bg). Customer must notify us at least 3 (three) business days if he/ she wants to extend the rental period by the date specified the rental agreement. All extensions are granted only if the reserved equipment is available for the desired period. You are required to still surrender your equipment by the original pick up date in the event that we are unable to extend your rental period. 

14. Refusal to rent or sell 
The contract is considered cancelled if the payment has not been made until 5 (five) days prior to the delivery date. 

15. Exceptions 
Babyrental shall not be held responsible for any failure to deliver the equipment that the Customer ordered or any delay in the delivery caused by any event or circumstance which is beyond our control such as strikes, protests, fires, floods, explosions or any other accidents. 

16. Ownership 
All the equipment rented to the Customer is owned by Babyrental- Alias Bo LTD. 

17. Data privacy 

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a European Union regulation that governs consumers` private information, which enter into force on 25.05.2018. The information collected by our Customers is the following: name and surname, contact telephone, address (if delivery is required) and e-mail. We only need this information to register the order and is not used in advertising and marketing sessions. The only tool that is implemented in www.babyrental.bg is Google Analytics. For analyses and research, we process data from cookies and from other sources that may contain a unique online identifier, like Google Analytics.

If the Customer explicitly notifies us, its data will not be added to our database. Personal data provided by the Customer shall not be disclosed to third parties, except to the shipping company- Speedy (for delivery service). All Customers have the right to access, correct and delete their accounts. We send information about our products and services through the direct marketing method: e- mail, only if the Customer wish to recieve it.

We take care of our Customers' security by using the SH Protect system implemented by our hosting company.

For more detailed information about cookies and data privacy, please see Privacy Policy!

18. Applicable legislation 
All agreements made on the website www.babyrental.bg are subject to Bulgarian legislation. The resolution of disputes arising from this agreement is of the competence of the District of Bulgarian Court, with the express waiver of any other. If the Customer is not a Bulgarian citizen, we inform that legal proceedings should be referred to the Bulgarian Courts. 

19. Language 
In case of conflict, the Bulgarian version shall prevail over the text translated into other languages. 

20. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions 
Babyrental reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions, with or without prior notice, in accordance with its criteria. The most recent version of the Terms and Conditions shall replace all previous versions. 

All contracts with Babyrental (Alias Bo LTD) are subject to these terms and conditions of hire and/ or purchase. No variation of the terms shall be valid unless made in writing and signed on behalf of the customer and babyrental (Alias Bo LTD).