Tips for flying with a baby

Tips for flying with a baby

When you are a brand new parent, the first trip with a baby is a real adventure, especially if the destination is further away and you have to travel by plane. The flight can be a stressful experience, because it involves a number of complications. However, traveling with a baby on an airplane can be a real pleasure if you prepare carefully and follow our tips:

1. Consider carefully, whether to buy a separate seat for the baby on the plane. In order to save money, a lot of parents prefer to share their seat with the baby. But booking a seat on one hand, will ensure the safety of the baby during the flight, and on the other you will feel far more comfortable. If you still plan to travel with a child in your lap, please request an information in advance for airline terms and conditions regarding baby on a plane without a separate seat.

Also do not forget to prepare the child`s documents- birth certificate and passport in order to verify the age of the child, as well as power of attorney if the kid travels with only one parent.

2. If you purchased a separate seat for your baby, the car seat can be of great benefit as it has a high level of protection and turbulence during the flight, so your baby will definitely feel more comfortable in it. If you use a car seat your anxiety that your baby will feel uncomfortable during the flight, will decrease significantly. Please note that in order to use your car seat on a plane, it has to be indicated with a sign for using in aircraft. If the inscription is missing probably at the airport will ask you to leave the cars seat in the luggage compartment.

3. When your still use a pushchair is better to take your summer lighter stroller, but if you do not have one, you can rent a compact umbrella stroller to take up less space and safely take it with you even in the aircraft cabin.

4. It is possible that the child is feeling anxious and unable to sleep a long time during the flight. Remember that pressure from height causes to infant and toddlers unpleasant discomfort in the ears and sometimes children cry inconsolably. In such cases, you can give baby pacifier or some water to swallow, so tensions in the ears to pass. To keep his interest longer you can buy a new toy from the airport.

5. Take in your hand luggage the most necessary for the baby. Do not forget to pick up diapers, water, adapted milk, medicines (as required by the airline) and biscuits. Keep in mind that sometimes flights are delayed or postponed due to weather or technical reasons, so it is good to have food and water for the child. Furthermore, do not miss to take baby wet wipes, at least two sets of clothes changing and at least one coat for yourself.