Tips for flying with a baby

When you are a brand new parent, the first trip with a baby is a real adventure, especially if the destination is further away and you have to travel by plane. The flight can be a stressful experience, because it involves a number of complications. However, traveling with a baby on an airplane can be a real pleasure if you prepare carefully and follow our tips: 1. Consider carefully, whether to buy a separate seat for the baby on the plane. In order to save money, a lot of parents prefer to share their seat with the baby. But booking a seat on one hand, will ensure the safety of the baby during the flight, and on the other you wi...

7 reasons to rent a product for your baby

Whether traveling by car, train, bus or plane, when you have young children, the luggage is always more. Therefore we advise you to leave behind part of the luggage by renting products for your baby during your vacation. Here are the main reasons to hire baby goods: 1. When traveling with a baby as less baggage you carry with you, the less stressful your vacation will be. 2. Some babies and young children prefer to sleep in a separate bed from their parents, so if you have a baby cot, your little sweetheart will be feeling as pleasant as in his/ her own bed, when you are staying at the home of a relative or rental prope...

Онлайн Прокат Детских Товаров в Болгарии

Вам когда-нибудь понадобился продукт для вашего ребенка только на время? Если вы находитесь в отпуске, экскурсии или вам нужен временный продукт для вашего малыша или ребенок, мы здесь, чтобы предложить вам наши услуги и сделать вашу семью проще на!

Rent baby gear in Bulgaria

Renting baby equipment in Bulgaria is very fast and easy- in just three steps. When you are here for a holiday or meet friends and relatives, it is a better option to rent everything you need for your baby or toddler instead of bring all the baby gear! Babyrental Bulgaria can offer you strollers, pushchairs, car seats, travel cots, baby monitors, bathtub, highchairs etc. Choose what you need and we will deliver it to your door for your convinience.