Frequently Asked Questions

Why rent rather than buy? 
When traveling or you are not sure that a product will fit your child, we give you the opportunity to rent it and use it for a certain period of time. 

Do you deliver? 
Yes. The delivery service is made by a shipping company. The price of two-way delivery service for Sofia is 6 € (six euro) and across Bulgaria is 15 € (fifteen euro).

Shipping fee can be exceed, if there are more than one large item rented (For example: a stroller and a car seat). The extra charge will be kept from the deposit!

*Delivery service is not available on Sunday! After pre-arranged date and time, you can take it personally from our warehouse in Sofia (bul. Nikola Petkov 73, warehouse № 25).

Can I take the product personally? 
Yes. You can pick it up personally from our warehouse in Sofia after pre-arranged day and time. 

Do you have a minimum rental period? 
Yes. The minimum rental period of our products is 3 days. Please note that the amount does not change in case of rent for a shorter period than 3 days. 

What are the methods of payment? 
Payment can be made in several ways:

- cash on delivery 
- via credit card/ debit card 
- via Pay Pal

Is there a security deposit? 
Yes. Each product has a certain amount of deposit, which is refundable via bank transfer, after reception and verification of the good condition of the rented product. 

What kind of damages can be a reason for deduction of the entire security deposit or part of it? 
For example- stains that cannot be cleaned; burns; broken or missing parts etc. 

Can I cancel my reservation? 
Yes. No cancellation penalties take up to 72 hours prior the delivery date. 

Can I extend the rental period after I have already taken a product? 
It is possible to extend the rental period, but it depends on availability of the product. Please note that you have to inform us for your intention at least three days prior your end date. 

Are your products cleaned and sanitized? 
Yes. All of our items are inspected carefully after every rental, cleaned and sanitized carefully. 

Can I rent a product for the next day? 
Usually we require at least 5 days advance booking and payment! But if the product is available for the requested period and we are able to deliver it on time to your address, we are going to do our best to make it happen. 

Do you deliver to hotels? 
Yes. You must specify the address of the hotel where you will stay and the number of your room (if you already know it). If you cannot receive it personally, it is necessary to inform the hotel in advance of the expected shipment. 

Should I receive the product personally? 
If you cannot receive the rented product/s in person, you have to inform us in advance (at least 3 days prior) and give us the telephone number of the person who will accept the shipment instead of you. 

Do you deliver to the airport? 
Delivery to Sofia airport is possible only after prior agreement with us. 

Do you have fixed time delivery? 
Yes, against additional fee and after prior arrangement with babyrental.