About us

Babyrental is a company created to be of service to all active families who love traveling and are not afraid to take risks by traveling with baby or toddler. Our main goal is to provide products for temporary use to Customers while they are on a holiday in Bulgaria, visiting friends or relatives or even if you want to know whether your child will have fun with any of our products before you purchase similar. Sometimes it is pointless to overload your finances for baby goods, especially if you need a baby product only for a short time period. Sometimes our children even do not like and do not have fun with a product that we used to think it will entertain them and suddenly it appears that once again we are "throwing money down the drain ...”. So we are here to offer you our rent service for a few days, weeks or months as you wish. We are going to deliver the product to your address and then we will take it back for your convenience. If you want to pick it up personally from our warehouse, we are situated in Sofia and will be glad to give it personally in prearranged day and time. For any other information, questions, comments and tips, please contact us!